Journal of Health and Development is an Electronic Journal managed by LPPM STIKES Mitraadiguna Palembang. As an Electronic Journal publication media for all Lecturers in the STIKES Mitra Adiguna Palembang Environment with Print ISSN: 2088-5628 and Online ISSN: 2656-5129

Vol 14 No 1 (2024): Journal of Health and Development

The 27th issue of Volume 14 of the Journal of Health and Development (JKP) is now in the hands of readers in good hands. JKP continues to strive to encourage lecturers and other writers outside the Stikes Mitra Adiguna Palembang institution to be able to produce their best works through writing scientific articles. In this twenty-sixth issue, the articles consist of various scientific disciplines such as problems of the elderly, reproductive health problems, problems of pregnant women, analysis of health examinations, child health, family nursing, adult health problems, health management, health counseling, post-partum problems, both writers from internal institutions and external institutions. We hope that this twenty-seventh edition of JKP can become a reading reference that can be enjoyed by all students of STIKES Mitra Adiguna Palembang in particular and other health schools throughout the region. We apologize if this edition of JKP is far from perfect, hopefully in the next edition of JKP we can improve it.

Published: 2024-01-30

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